going on 29

i've reached     an age
that means little    or
relatively nothing     on paper
the skeletons     in my
closet have  more substance

the echoes of     sirens
pace outside    my building
lining up to      beat the
sunset's broken     halo with
a rusted   tire iron
placing black    eyes on
lorca's casket     in
the san     fernando valley
of the     shadow of
death i     don't have
the heart    to tell
them they   have the

and what     can i
share looking     out the
window with   the shades
turned down   the spirits
are weeping  the ghosts
they are     still weeping
outside strumming   their mandolins
to the   night wind
howling lament     against the
weathered skin     of ginsberg's

children are     playing hide
and go   seek so
much soul  in every
step taken     away it's
sad to     think that
i have     nothing to
offer them     in

the vortex of wisdom

i thought       i had
gone beyond   the sea
above the     holy vortex
of wisdom    found in
sleep whispering     secrets in
some sweet   bashful dove's
ear which     was my

we are     few tiny
kissing seahorse     footprints amongst
the many   waves in
the middle    of dance

i pressed     my body
up against     the wisdom
to hear     love singing
music to     my ears
like some     schoolboy riddle
crushin'  on     cleopatra thankful
for this     blood ambling
through my  veins set
before the     nile our
water fountains     were made
to strike     oil so
not thinking     i pulled
up a     chair and
blessed the     tsunami
like a     child asking
for permission     to speak
in tongues  oh please
big daddy   part the
red sea   while i
dream a  little american

John Dorsey currently resides in Toledo OH. His work has recently appeared in
fearless, Mystery Island Magazine, The James River Poetry, Poesy Magazine, and The
Dublin Quarterly. He is the author of "Little Boy Beat:Selected Poems" Paladin M
&E Inc., and is the co-author of "The Price Of Sunshine" written with Iris Berry,
Feel Free Press, Forthcoming.

2005 Underground Voices