it's a blessing

and a     curse
terry says     that i've
been unable   or unwilling
to transcend this     fog
that i've noticed       on other side

of this bar with      its fake wood trim
dating back to     july 20 1969
with a sign for corona that     reads buy
neil a beer   it feels like
a cold night   in hell, janis joplin
sings every frat boy's favorite song
to make love to   the shadow of a groundhog
dancing in lava    they beg for a taste
of southern   creature comforts

as they passed the silver balloon
around the     table  covered in popcorn
i realized that     war is
a lot of   things
mainly entertainment

that we came    here from
other voices     other rooms
after a late lunch     sinking
full of   hot air

and if you're looking       to pick
up chicks reading   truman capote
pissing on   the white house lawn
after finding his      thrill
on boone's strawberry hill     in news reel
bloopers   the only leap you've taken
is knowing that the eagle has landed
and that history books   that smell
like beer   sometimes miss   their

the night gene ruggles died

i was thinking about         my pittsburgh boyhood
and don't    remember much else
explaining what i was doing cuz honestly
i'd smoked a lotta pot     and from
what i can gather    i must've tried to
explain to debbie    what had just
happened maybe what    it all meant but
she just looked at me
like i was crazyhorse fingering
her twat in morse code
ever the disenchanted

now though enough time   has gone by
so let me    be clear for
once we   lose our lifeguard
everything starts to    sink
into the background   and we find ourselves
high as a kite      searching
for temples   in the
suburbs of   polish hill
where we're left   to build   angels
in snow    that feels
plain as

John Dorsey currently resides in Toledo OH. His work has recently appeared in
fearless, Mystery Island Magazine, The James River Poetry, Poesy Magazine, and The
Dublin Quarterly. He is the author of "Little Boy Beat:Selected Poems" Paladin M
&E Inc., and is the co-author of "The Price Of Sunshine" written with Iris Berry,
Feel Free Press, Forthcoming.

2005 Underground Voices