the vanilla ice age

last night a friend died quietly
i used to imagine
him as a bare knuckle
boxer under boston streetlamps
we used to smoke pot
and take mushrooms
at sundown in the
fields of ohio

today i wrap sonnets
around my quivering body
blankets of love
a temporary rocky mountain werewolf
picking daisies at the
ellis island of invisible rivers
where my words have
always had strong teeth

one day they will
use carbon dating
on airwalk sneakers
and unearth a sacred
burial ground built for
the king of pop

my eulogy was written
in 1992 on the
streets of seattle its love reached millions
melting hearts at the
end of the vanilla ice age

what will they say
when we're gone?

that we recorded everything
but were always better live

John Dorsey currently resides in Toledo, OH. He is
the author of "Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel, Harvey
Keitel" with S.A. Griffin and Scott Wannberg,
Butchershop Press/Rose of Sharon Press/Temple of Man,
2005, and "Moshing With The Cosmos" with Iris Berry,
Magenta Press, 2005. He can be reached at

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