thursday night at the red baron pub & deli
for dan provost

dan and i sat
there talking poems over
cheap beer when this
bar skank placed our
hands down her shirt
one for each weathered
tit "do they feel
good she asked?" as
the stones wailed on
the juke both had
seen better days she
laughed showing us her
false teeth like a
snaggletooth marilyn monroe
she was a poem
a flower a sacred
gem of the lizard
king that had more
than once tasted the
fire of words her
breath smelled like spoiled
meat and miller lite
when she asked me
to dance i thought
somewhere god must be laughing

that fucker always did
have a strange sense
of humor

John Dorsey currently resides in Toledo, OH. He is
the author of "Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel, Harvey
Keitel" with S.A. Griffin and Scott Wannberg,
Butchershop Press/Rose of Sharon Press/Temple of Man,
2005, and "Moshing With The Cosmos" with Iris Berry,
Magenta Press, 2005. He can be reached at

2007 Underground Voices