nasal drip

The world is full of oysters and dead presidents.

GQ barbershops.

Models and gunslingers, who bow before mirrors.

Damsels in distress with razor blades as their heroes.

We've got cartoon smiles and

Out of work intellect.

Falsified sex appeal and

Camera shy prejudice.

Sociopath wannabes with

Popularized addictions.

Teary-eyed elders raping the past.

Corporate nipples that harden for a buck.

You have a nice shiny penny,

An empty fortune with your name.

A wallet-sized photo of another so-called living soul.

We have remote controls and

Movie stubs.

Questions and answers from issues past.

Lengthy cynicism and preplanned wit.

Our heads in cheap frames,

Mounted atop toilets.

Re-usable feelings, and

Constipated morals.

Extra-strength aspirin.

Contagious disease.

Mothers that love us and

False idols just out of school.

Love is a card that cost ninety-nine cents.

Looks are priceless,

Escalating fees.

Today is yesterday.

With tomorrow looking bright.

This minute is past and

We're all out of party mix.

Louis Crisitello is 23 and lives in New Jersey. He has an on-again,
off-again relationship with his muse. He has been published in several
underground print "magazines" that have been poorly stapled and randomly
distributed. He is currently studying improv comedy in New York City. One
day he would like to have money.

2004 Underground Voices