Before he settled down to murdering his wife and their two daughters, Paul
Blum stitched his son Aaron's eyelids tightly closed: " so that he should not
witness the horror". There was not a trace of irony in his voice as he told the
interviewing police officers this.

But Aaron's ears were working fine. Even though he held his hands over them,
he could hear the staccato drip, drip, drip of blood on plastic sheeting.

The knots in the thread made ulcers on Aaron's eyes.

Years later, visually impaired, he saw very little except rainbows. Small
wonder they appeared in a mainly red sky - the blood red of sunsets and unhappy endings.


Mary Cook is a UK-based freelance writer and former newspaper reporter. Her
articles, short stories and poems have appeared in numerous publications,
both in print and online.
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