Can't we talk

We share our places after all.
We sleep in the same bed.
We eat in the same room.
We ride the same car
to work in the same building.

Weíre a polished sphere
of togetherness.
We talk to ourselves
in dreams and daydreams.
Incessantly we even talk
in each otherís presence.

There must be a way
to take into ourselves
the thoughts we hide
behind our words.

In the presence of our
perpetual absence
our generosity and our cruelty
range together,
grazing on the same sentences
but giving different milk.

Robert Elzy Cogswell recently retired from librarianship in Austin, Texas.
Before that he was among other things a panhandler in Manhattan. He has
poems published or forthcoming in Consciousness, Literature and the Arts,
Lucidity, Lilliput Review, di-vêrsé-city, Farfelu, Pecan Press, and

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