I had a dream...

...about my cock.

In my dream it was erected.

Not erect-

Built from a foundation of sweat and contest.

Nourished and supported by thousands-
tens of thousands-

employed to the task-
the sole task

of erecting my cock.

Laborers raised scaffolding
scorched the surrounding landscape
and used a system of levers and pulleys

to fully erect my cock.

Men and women pondered it
studied it
made household replicas of it.

People were learned and educated
on the all-encompassing enorminity
my cock.

These learned people did calculations
and logorythyms
based on knowing more about my
cosmos defying transdimentional

I myself lay there,
a stain
crushed long ago
under the infinite weight
under the alpha
and the omega
and utterly useless
and deadly

Will C. is homeless/fearless/peerless and wry in NYC. He has internet access.
He has bitter thoughts. He has drugs and alcohol and humanity at his disposal. He
also has a strong sense that everything...everything...is going to be just fine .

2005 Underground Voices