I Lost Mynd June 10, 2005

70 degrees hums at me
sounds move around me
images tear at my eyes
the other half of me waves

and all I can think is:

world            Have it your way.
better           Just do it.
watch         You're worth it.
IT.                     I'm lovin' it.
cuz                 Coming Soon!
world            Buy 1
gonna        Get 1 free!
die                  In stores now!

something    We the people in order to form a
bigger                 more perfect union, do institute
lives                        in the relentless pursuit of perfection
on                          and on and on and...

Will C. is homeless/fearless/peerless and wry in NYC. He has internet access.
He has bitter thoughts. He has drugs and alcohol and humanity at his disposal. He
also has a strong sense that everything...everything...is going to be just fine .

2005 Underground Voices