Sundays Can Be Hard:

He pulled two bottles of Listerine
Out from his pockets,
The new stuff with a cool burst.
He poured a glass and
Then gave it some air,
As if this were a fine brandy to be savoured.
I picked up the bottle
And read the back
“If consumed call poison control”.
I thought about grabbing the phone
But then I figured
I might as well let him enjoy it.

Say What You Will, He's A Better Man:

He knew as well
as I did that every
drink he took meant
he was a little closer
to being dead.

Surprisingly, I think
that may have
actually bothered him.

I drove his beat up
escort to the door
but left him to walk
in on his own pride.

Before I stepped out
of the car I noticed
how bad the shakes
had gotten.
I wanted to unbuckle
his belt for him
but I knew how
much that could hurt
a man of his age.

As I began to walk away,
I felt for him.
I wanted to go back,
hand him a glass
and finish one more
drink with him.

I know he’d have done
it for me.

Kendall Campbell is an 18 year old from Prince Edward Island

© 2006 Underground Voices