one strong drink away

death seems to be one
strong drink away

the glasses are being
filled with ice

time slowly ticks away

waiting for someone
to call the bluff

cracks are bound to
appear soon

patience was never my
strong suit

with depression sinking in

the demons strike with
ease these days

i have given up my
desire to fend off the attacks


it's about time we got on
with this fucking game

checkmate is right
around the corner

another cruel reminder

she told me over lunch that she had
recently got out of prison

she went on to talk about how she
thought about me everyday
she was in there

and with each time her forehead
slammed into the underside of my belly
i thought maybe she was
telling the truth

i hope she just didn't swallow
the indifference i felt while
she was locked up

even if she did, i imagine
this will be just another cruel reminder
to her that everything goes on
with or without anyone

i'm sure prison has a way of stripping
that bullshit most parents sew
into our brains

for after it all shakes out

none of us are
fucking special

J.J. Campbell (b. 1976) lives, writes and dies a little each day in the state
of Ohio. He's widely published in the small press, most recently in Spent
Meat, Zygote In My Coffee, Fearless, Open Wide Magazine and Unlikely Stories.
J.J. also has been included in a number of chapbooks, anthologies and a spoken
word project. You can contact him via email at jcampb4593@aol.com

2004 Underground Voices