the bullets of ignorance

struggling with the
demons on a rainy
monday morning
bracing myself for
yet another week
of dodging the
bullets of ignorance
and god knows
whatever else happens
to get under my weary
sensitive skin
for i know there will
be some poor soul
that will ask me why
am i overweight,
unemployed and jaded
here in the 21st century
and i'll laugh and tell
this person that i have
no desire to live any
longer than i absolutely
have to
i'll leave that person
dumbfounded and
stewing in their
and it's that confusion
that leads me to believe
i'm the one
on the right


i have imaginary conversations
with my father late at night
before i go to bed
that ensures my dreams
will be filled with enough
violence and rage they
will be easy to recall
come morning
of course, if i have a
need one morning to
nail the cat to a tree
and throw god knows
what through my
bedroom window
i'm sure no one will
quite understand why
probably not even the
imaginary prick i spend
a good portion of each
night babbling to
i suppose some things
should never change


my death will come as
no surprise to anyone
and as fast as the news
will travel it will fade
away just as quickly
for other than the few
psychopaths on this
planet that think i'm
i know i am destined
for the obscurity that
awaits most of us
and that cold, sad truth
doesn't disappoint me
i always have had
low expectations,
no need getting my
hopes up wishing a
miracle would happen
to stumble my way
and stumble it shall
have to be for god
knows nothing greater
than obscurity is
currently in the plan

J.J. Campbell (b. 1976) lives, writes and dies a little each day in
Brookville, Ohio. He's been widely published in the small press,
most recently in Zen Baby, My Favorite Bullet, Zygote in My
Coffee, Spent Meat Vol. 2 and Remark.

J.J. has been included in a number of chapbooks, anthologies
and a spoken word project. You can contact him via email at

2007 Underground Voices