Great Mad World

Momma is laughing
hysterical paints smeared
in van gogh delirium
that she should sell
if she knew well

because her art's so beautiful

Momma is drifting
in and out and in
of broken verbal rubbish
And she dreams in
sillouhettes of her
family's past

She forgets sometimes
the pain of leaving life behind
her smiling children
who never stopped believing
but her curse is madness
and a madness misunderstood
no one can help her
but some of us would.

Now it's like we've lost
all the things that kept us together
as she walks away
she has to somehow remember
how many tears we did cry
just to get here.

Gabrielle BG is twenty-one and lives in Shepherdstown, WV. She has been writing for over five years. Her short science fiction: The Endless Highway was featured in Aversion Magazine. She is currently working on publishing a memoir.

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