Cubism #201

sometimes it doesn't
seem real / all these
people involved in po
etics, art, music on

the internet / all these
people i call friends /
there's poeple in my h
ome town that do that

but they seem less re
al somehow / it's poss
ibily the lackluster hom
e-town mentality that dr

ives me to these places
looking for a wider view
after hearing about cait
i cried like a baby, then

drove over to visit my si
ster who never said a w
ord about laundromat s
after i gave it to her

my grand-niece was th
ere, she had slept over
the night before and sh
e's getting bigger, in 1st

grade now / i hadn't seen
her in a while and asked
about school, what happ
ened to your tooth? you

look funny, i said / it fe
ll out but there's a new
one coming in, see? o
h yes, i see / she told

me about school and i
told her about riding m
y bike in the park acro
ss from her school by

the river / play catch
with me? she asked
what? / i'll throw you
the pillow and you th
row it back, silly, she
said / who's silly? / y
ou are! / no i'm not, i
'm a serious grown-up

i'm gonna bean you in
the head! she said / g
o on and try / we play
ed catch with the sofa

pillow and i remember
ed being 6, how every
thing was already ther
e by then / before the

endless jumping throu
gh hoops / my sister
sat on the couch whe
re my mother used to

sit / watched us / we
played nice / talked i
went outside later wi
th my sister and told

her my friend died / t
here was a lump in m
y throat / oh, one of t
hose writers? / yeah

she published a lot o
f my stuff, she was c
ool, i said / i could te
ll none of it seemed r

eal to her and droppe
d it / the kid came out
and i didn't want to tal
k about death around

her / nana went away
where? / away / she's
coming back? / no, s
he went away / give y

our great-uncle a hug
he's leaving / it was n
ice to see you, i said
you do good in school

right? / i'll kick their bu
tts, she said / ha! reall
y? / it was nice to see
you too, she said / kid

s know everything / i w
onder what will come of
her / she's got no male
role-model / father long

gone way before she w
as even born / there's n
othing i can do / it's not
my place / i don't know

Mike Boyle lives and works in Harrisburg, PA.
There's been street life, bar life and factory life
in several cities.There's been songs with several bands,
poems, stories, home recordings as bohobait and several
novel messes.

His latest chapbook is Laundromat Suite (Rank Stranger Press)

2005 Underground Voices