Pointed Question

Doing an article on local prostitution,
my editor gave me considerable license.

Making an appointment at a first-class
brothel in town, the Mme. was friendly
but asked that I didn't use names.

I met the lady in a classy Victorian
room. She was gorgeous with coal
black hair.

Looking around, on the bookshelves
were many of the classics. They
appeared to be well read.

Hanging on the wall was a diploma
from a prestigious Ivy League college.

As piercing questions rattled around
in my mind; I worked up the courage
to ask, "How did you get into this life?"

She mauled the question over, closing
her eyes, pursing her lips, and shaking
her head,

Finally opening her eyes, she smiled
and replied, "Just lucky I guess."

Mike Berger is an MFA, PhD. He writes poetry and short stories full time He has been writing poetry for less than four years. His work appear in seventy-one journals. He has published two books of short stories and eight poetry chapbooks .He is a member of The Academy of American Poets.

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