All the outlaw poets
(For John, Scott & S.A.)

It's easy to become
down & disheartened
angry & a little afraid
when you watch
the 2 big
shitkickers of the free world
stand shoulder
to soft shoulder
with military dictators
w/ less than clean hands &
all those (self) righteous hands clasped
the Bomb

so it's good to know
there are some
who still speak
                         of a different way
who send fire & blessings
joy & real prayers
shooting from silver sniper pens
blazing across stars
adding to the universe's glow

some tell me I'm a fool
an idealist
as if ideals were shameful
they say it's money moves the mountains now
well I say fuck you
& sit by me I'll tell you
I still believe in

Miles J. Bell is 34, married, and lives and works in gritty Northern England.
His first chapbook "The finite beat" is released in October and is available from for a modest fee. He is England's wittiest poor

His work can be found at

2005 Underground Voices