"Alas, it's not our cup of tea"

this was the response from the editor
"alas, it is not our cup of tea."
what exactly is their cup of tea, i wonder.
it turns out they have published a 7 year old "poet"
and a dozen deliberately nebulous and flamboyant authors.

yea, i'm not their cup of tea
but i think i know what kind of tea they are drinking
i have had it, it lacks flavor, and lacks freshness.
canned tea, ready made, mass produced tea!
lets dump it all into a harbor in boston

there are a few strikes against me,
i knew this before submitting myself.
i have no credentials
i have no respect for convention
i have no desire to conform

also, i am inclined to critique,
to defy the self proclaimed non linear writers.
their "creative writing classes"
result in anything but a creative writer
the creative endeavor is and has always been by academic outlanders.

what a farce!
a "creative writing" class
"ready class, we are going to teach you to create today"
lesson 1. "do not reveal too much to you audience".
"good!, do it like the rest of the class, now you're being creative!" (remember this
will be graded)

like automobiles on an assembly line,
they are all equipped with the same components
consequently, they all function the same.
they all write the same
and they all praise each other, and exalt SAMENESS!

perhaps they should fill their teacups with guinness.
nay, they should dispose of the genteel teacups altogether,
and replace them with german steins.
and in their new drunken dionysian state
they will have a newfound appreciation for those who actually create.

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