Five Bandito Specials

         What do I say now? Thanks for the dope? It was
good, and I got really high? Thatís true, but not enough.
We made each other a promise and Iím going to keep it.
I wonít make a beautiful thing just pretty by trying to
describe it.

         You know what happened.

         Now this curb is hard and cold under my butt and my
knees almost bump my face. I saw your light come on so I
know youíre home and your parents arenít. I know which
room yours is, remember? I remember. You donít need to
pick up your phone to know Iím out here, but you better
pick it up just the same.

         The field is dark like it was the first time. This time,
though, itís dark because I shot out the streetlights with my
brotherís .22. The filament sparked like what I won't describe
and the pieces of glass glowed orange all the way to the
ground. I spread the blanket out back with the trees. Call
when you leave the house and youíll see my lighter, that's
how youíll find me.

         When I said I had my brotherís .22 I didnít mean I was
bringing it with us. I only had three bullets, anyway. One for
each light. Itís a shitty gun, and Iím lucky it didn't blow
up in my face.

         Iíve smoked two bowls and Iím getting sleepy. Why
arenít you here? Why donít you answer? Was that Benny
you were talking to after French? Jesus, Benny is a freak.
Maybe Iíve got another bullet in my pocket. Hey, no. That
was a joke. Just a joke, okay? A joke. Why did you turn
your phone off? Did your parents find out?

         My battery is low but Iím high. In the woods Iím
Daniel Boone camping with my gun that I ran out of bullets
for, so the difference between courage and circumstance Mr.
Hamilton would say is what?

         Timmy Howell saw a bear running on the levy yesterday,
and in Math Jennifer wore a yellow skirt and jacket and it was
like Iíd never seen her before. She was beautiful.

         When the spaceship comes, Iím going to get on, whether
youíre here or not. I believe the aliens are good, and that they
want to communicate, and that they love Mexican food. We'll
walk into Taco Bueno, me and the aliens, and we'll order
five Bandito Specials with sopapillas, and word will spread.
If you love me, youíll come.

Bruce Barrow works as a documentary film producer and editor
in Portland, Oregon.

© 2007 Underground Voices