Between Solitude and Loneliness

I remember Superman
and his fortress of solitude
some place where he could go
so he could think things over and
I sit in this room
surrounded by all these books
thinking about lots of things
and I write about some of them
others I decide to just let go
but I never call this loneliness
except when I feel alone
when I'm sitting here and
I start thinking about her
missing the sweet kiss
of a beautiful woman and
how her body felt
touching me
I believe there's a difference
between solitude and loneliness
but when I look it up
in the dictionary
it lists loneliness
as one of the definitions
for solitude
but I think that's something
somebody really needs to change

An Old Honky-Tonk Number

if I knew how to play the guitar
I'd probably be singing the blues
that's the way I'm feeling
most of the time
empty as a whiskey bottle
lying there on the floor
or maybe I'd perform
an old honky-tonk number
you know
one of those old songs
full of drinking and betrayal
and heartaches by the score
the sun's going down and
my baby done left me
and I'm so lonesome I could cry

I'm not a real writer but I play one on TV. I work for the government but don't like to talk about it. But if you get me drunk I just might tell you more than you'd ever want to know. My books of poetry are available from www.xlibris.com, www.lulu.com & www.interiornoisepress.com.

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