You Can Still Love Someone

you can still love someone
even if you never told them
even after they're married to
somebody else and
you never hear anything
from them anymore
you can still love them
you can still think about those nights
you wish you could have back again
when you should have said and done
something different
you can still love someone
even years later
even if they don't have a clue and
if they ever found out
how you really felt
would probably just laugh at you
stand there in front of you and
throw it right back in your face

Hope & Faith

they came rushing in
with their fresh clean faces
and their hair
such a beautiful mess
and from the back table
in the corner I watched them
where I'd been sitting alone
for most of the afternoon
I watched them
as they entered
stumbling through the door
wearing bright clothes
and spilling their laughter
all over the room
touching me
with the warm sound of their voices
and giving me
without them even knowing
a reason to smile

2004-2010 Underground Voices