The Last Refrain

"They broke up on one of those winter days when the snow seems to rise rather than fall. From their seat by the café window they watched the continuous drafts pull the snow up into the dizzying gray. " - John Abbott, The List
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The Los Angeles Diaries: A Memoir

"...also around this time, his drinking escalated, when he couldn't get up in the morning without a half-pint to steady his trembling hands. By 27, his once handsome face was severely bloated, the whites of his eyes were yellowed and across his nose spread a threadlike pattern of broken blood vessels. The condition is called spider angioma; I know because I developed it, too." - James Brown, The Los Angeles Diaries

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New York Times column by James Brown on The Los Angeles Diaries
Review of The Los Angeles Diaries at Entertainment Weekly

Other Books by James Brown:
Going Fast, Hot Wire, (1985), Final Performance, (1988), The Second Story Theatre and Two Encores, (1994), Lucky Town, (1994)


Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (1990) : Goldilocks

"I’ll be meek and contrite in my mother’s presence and feel guilty that I’m a free adult and she isn’t, that I’m compos mentis and she’s a nut case, and that I did little to stop my father from signing those papers. In caustic little ways she will make me pay. The last time I saw her, she said, “Why don’t you ever surprise me? Why is it always the same old you?”" - Andrew Coburn, Egg Yolk
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Other books by Andrew Coburn:
The Trespassers (1974), The Babysitter (1979), Off Duty (1980), Company Secrets (1982), Widow's Walk (1984), Sweetheart (1985), Love Nest (1987), Goldilocks (1989), No Way Home (1992), Voices in the Dark (1994), Birthright (1998), On the Loose (2006)

Books by Dempsey: Boiling Water and Matchbook

"The vicodin ran 5.50 a pop but supposedly it was worth it; big, pink capsules, hundreds heaped upon hundreds of milligrams, enough to get your pupils dilated, enough to make you sit back, stare off into space… " - John Dempsey, Fight At The Bank
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Sad Jingo

" I went into the debris field and found a piece of her, ignoring the screams of panic and the shouts of police commanding everyone to clear the area.… " - Ron Dionne, Top Shelf
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Books by Margarita Engle: Skywriting (1996), Hurricane Dancers (2011), The Wild Book (2012)

Margarita Engle's poetic novel of Cuba blends stark realism with wonderful fantasy... a delicately crafted style... fascinating and deeply evocative on many levels..." - --The Miami Herald
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"Jason Price Everett's UNFICTIONS is a superb first novel. It reminded me of J.G.Ballard at his best....He has a poet's sense of language and a painter's sense of scene, offering a clear-eyed interpretation of today's realities.... I can thoroughly recommend it." - MICHAEL MOORCOCK, author of Breakfast in the Ruins
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The Dead Queen of Bohemia

"She picks him up between the half price tangerines and the farmers carrots. He has a name. He has a neck twice as long as a neck should be. His head looks like a small full stop. He always wears a hat. His shoulders are wide, giving him the appearance of a T. She doesn’t seem to mind it. She smiles, tangerine in one hand, scratches her thigh and her skirt rides up. He looks at her thin long socks and her chipped high heels and he says something and she says something and it’s settled then." - Jenni Fagan, Catfish
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The Lynchings in Duluth

"Foregoing his usual badinage with reporters and the light banter that has long characterized his opening remarks at press briefings, the Secretary of Defense appeared somber as he announced problems with weapons and other material the United States had purchased from Chinese suppliers." - Michael Fedo, Down the Road: A Few Words from the Secretary of Defense
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Book: Wanderings at deadline (Aldrich Press, 2012)
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Books by G. Miki Hayden: By Reason of Insanity, New Pacific, Nine days to evil
Winner of the 2004 Edgar award for the short story, "The Maids"

Books by Aryan Kaganof: Sex and Death in America, Jou ma se poems, Das Lied Der Unnutzen
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Book: I was a Teenage Dominatrix
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Book: The Next Better Place
"A remarkable story...that is both poignant and very, very real." --Larry King, CNN
A moving and thoroughly engrossing testament to the resilience of the human spirit." - USA Today

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Winner of the Paterson Poetry Award
Books by Lyn Lifshin:
Before it's Light, Ballroom, Another Woman Who Looks like Me, Cold Comfort, Leaning South, Licorice Daughter: My Year with Ruffian
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Book: Talk, a novel in dialogue
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Books by Sydney Molare:
Somewhere in America, Changing Faces, Changing Places; Devil's Orchestra; GrandMama's Mojo Still Working
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Books by Tony O'Neill:
Digging The Vein, Songs From The Shooting Gallery, Seizure Wet Dreams
Review of Digging the Vein at The Guardian

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Some Mother's sons

Other books by Charles Plymell:
Hand on the doorknob, Forever Wider: Poems new and selected 1954-1980, The Trashing of America
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Bowtie Gang
"I am the single greatest investment you never knew you made. I refer to your tax dollars. They dumped millions on me. Money you made so I can live and die for you. Thank you. And, you’re welcome." - Benjamin Reed, Centrifugal Force
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Zanesville was published by Villard Books in October 2005. The Austin Chronicle called it "The most original novel of the year" and it received a Starred Review in Booklist, which praised it as "brilliantly inventive black comedy."

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"I'm a triple suicide survivor. Some people think that achievement is cool, a signifier of bravery, or a complete lack of inhibition, or a desire for freedom at any cost. But for the three women I lived with at the time--I made one attempt when I was with each of them--it was no piece of cake to deal with me and my "killer instincts." Nor was it easy for them to live with me after I had attempted to die. BEAUTIFUL WRECK is about my journey through love, sex, intimate partner violence, mental illness, and three attempted suicides..."

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Recipient of two PEN grants and one NEA Creative Writing Grant
Books by Lynn Strongin
The Sorrow Psalms, The Dwarf Cycle (Thorp Springs Press), Toccata of the Disturbed Child (Fallen Angel Press), A Hacksaw Brightness (Ironwood Press), Countrywoman / Surgeon (L'Epervier Press), Bones and Kim a Novella (Spinster's Ink Press)
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Winner of the 2007 Barry Hannah Fiction Prize from The Yalobusha Review of The University of Mississippi.
Author of: Paperboy: A Dysfunctional Novel
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Books by Ned Vizzini:
Teen Angst? Naaah..., It's Kind of a Funny Story, Be More Chill
Review of "It's Kind of a Funny Story" by the New York Times

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